Omnia Video: COVID-19 Market Update

On Wednesday, March 25, Omnia Family Wealth hosted a live webinar update about the recent market volatility and impact of the coronavirus outbreak. During this interactive discussion, Omnia Chief Executive Officer Steven Wagner, Chief Investment Officer Alon Ozer and Managing Director Ivan Hernandez broke down this complex situation to provide some clarity for investors.

A variety of topics about the coronavirus, its influence on the markets and its impact on family wealth were addressed throughout the update. Wagner, Ozer and Hernandez specifically discussed:

  • Ways the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the markets
  • How we got to this point of market downturn and how to handle it moving forward
  • What investors should look out for in regard to both the virus and the markets
  • How our firm is managing portfolios during the current volatility
  • Wealth planning essentials and opportunities to take advantage of during this time

During this market update, Wagner, Ozer and Hernandez emphasized that, just like all other market downturns in the past, this too shall pass. Wealth management is not about predicting the markets. It is about managing risk and getting to the other side – and we will get to the other side of this.

For more information about the coronavirus and its effects on the markets, please do not hesitate to contact Omnia Family Wealth. We can be reached via email or phone at (305) 602-9080.


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