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Our History

Our founders Steven Wagner, Michael Wagner and Ivan Hernandez are no strangers to working with wealthy families. With more than 70 years of combined experience, they have a rich history of working with many of most successful families in South Florida.

Omnia Wealth

Omnia is everything

While they’ve always put their clients first, they wanted to create a firm where that philosophy was sewn into the fabric of the firm’s culture. Putting clients first is at the center of everything we do. In 2015, Omnia was formed to serve clients better. The name reflects the vision: Omnia is everything. It is a place where families can come for guidance on everything that touches their financial lives and truly know that the advice they receive is unbiased and unfiltered.

Today, Omnia Family Wealth serves more than 50 families of significant wealth. We are recognized by the financial media, our industry peers, and most importantly, our clients as a leader in the family wealth space.

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Steve Wagner
Omnia Family Wealth

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