Omnia & Morris + D’Angelo Conversation Series: Winter Is Coming


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world as we know it. Here at Omnia Family Wealth, we hope to help guide families through these new complexities, which is why we have teamed up with Morris + D’Angelo, a tax advisory firm that specializes and serves multigenerational family-based enterprises and their owners, for a new conversation series. In each of these conversations, we will give families a high-level, holistic view of the things they should be aware of so they can feel prepared for anything that may come.

As we quickly head towards the holidays, there is no hiding from it: winter is coming. As a result, now is the time for families to prepare for the new year, a new administration and a plethora of other changes.

For the premiere discussion in our new conversation series, Omnia Family Wealth Chief Operations Officer Michael Wagner speaks with Omnia Family Wealth Chief Executive Officer Steven Wagner and Morris + D’Angelo Integrating Partner Steven Geller to provide a brief overview of everything families should have on their radar, including what families should do all the time versus just right now. Wagner and Geller also examine several important leading indicators that provide advance warnings to help families plan more effectively.

Specifically, Wagner and Geller discuss:

  • Potential tax law changes and opportunities and how they may impact portfolio construction
  • How low interest rates have impacted valuations and the effects this may have on families
  • Ways families can take advantage of low interest rates and high estate-tax exemptions
  • How much the political environment affects the market outlook and how to prepare for the Biden administration
  • Investment and tax opportunities that come with the massive expansion of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet
  • How the Federal Reserve may normalize its policies in the future and the impact this may have on families

Throughout the conversation, Wagner and Geller emphasize that regardless of the current market environment or personal political views, it is crucial for families to always be reevaluating and prepared to pivot away from risk and towards opportunity in order to achieve long-term financial success.

Our experienced team at Omnia Family Wealth is always available to speak with you about these matters and opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available via email or phone at (305) 602-9080. Also, make sure to stay tuned for the next segment of the Omnia and Morris + D’Angelo conversation series.

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