Yahoo Finance: Omnia Family Wealth Announces New Chief Investment Officer

Yahoo Finance recently reported on the hire of Omnia Family Wealth’s New Chief Investment Officer Alon Ozer.

“Alon Ozer draws from his extensive experience across a broad spectrum of asset classes and market environments,” reads the article in Yahoo Finance. “Prior to his role at Omnia, he served as the Chief Investment Officer of the Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation where he managed an investment portfolio worth in excess of $300 million.”

The article describes how Omnia was co-founded by Steven Wagner, Michael Wagner and Ivan Hernandez and notes that the firm was purpose-built from the beginning with three generations represented among the founders. Because of this, they’ve attracted large families who are seeking multi-generational advice.

“We are thrilled to welcome Alon to our team and know he will play a large role in not only growing the firm, but most importantly, in implementing personal global strategies for the families that we work with,” stated Omnia CEO Steven Wagner when asked about the firm’s new addition.

The full Yahoo Finance article is available here.

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