Steven Wagner Discusses Alternative Investments at RIA Institute Conference

Steven Wagner, co-founder and CEO of Omnia Family Wealth, was a featured speaker at the RIA East Investment Forum hosted by the RIA Institute in Boston, Mass. in early June. Wagner presented in the session with arguably the most creative title: “Ka-ching or Stranger Danger: Alts for All!” This session focused on exploring the best ways independent advisors can access alternatives to create differentiated portfolios for their clients.

The topic of alternatives is particularly timely, as the days when only institutions or family offices could invest in private market strategies are long gone. Platforms are shaking up the alternatives industry by offering independent advisors access to managers and strategies (and hopefully returns) previously cordoned off by huge minimums and lockups.

Participants in this session discussed whether or not platforms are the only way for independent advisors to play in the “big leagues.” They also discussed the need for traditional hedge fund managers and private equity firms to redesign the way they do business in order to get RIA clients on board.

“When evaluating the merit of any given investment, investors must first consider, “What role does this investment play in my portfolio?” Wagner has emphasized when discussing alternatives. “Before families invest in alternative investments, they should first ensure they are able to embrace illiquidity, ensure methodical and objective due diligence and work with a firm that can provide transparent guidance every step of the way.”

To learn more about the role of alternative investments within a portfolio, see this recent video or read this article in Financial Planning.

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