Omnia CEO to speak at Private Wealth Forum

Omnia Family Wealth Chief Executive and Co-Founder Steven Wagner will participate as a featured speaker at the upcoming Private Wealth Florida Forum, held by Markets Group in September 2017 in Palm Beach, Florida. This forum will highlight challenges and topics of interest for ultra-high net worth families as well as the advisors who serve them.

As part of the conference Mr. Wagner will host and moderate a panel discussion entitled “Advanced Asset Allocation.” The panel of industry experts will cover various styles and approaches to asset allocation, and how those processes differ at the various organizations represented on the panel. The panelists will discuss what these processes are based on and what adjustments they foresee on the horizon in light of current and anticipated market conditions.

From Markets Group:

The Private Wealth Florida Forum is a one-day meeting of the largest family offices, private banks and registered investment advisors based in Florida. The event provides an educational overview of both asset allocation and asset protection strategies for the private client intermediary and HNWI.

The Forum is designed to shine light on the latest investment strategies and equip local investors with a clear path forward in their business development strategies. Over 30 investor speakers are joining us for the Forum to provide analysis of pertinent HNW trends and opportunities.

Markets Group is an executive forum organizer with a track record of 300+ conferences in over 20 countries. Founded in 2009 in New York, Markets Group has grown into one of the largest and most successful conference organizers in the financial services sector, with over 75 professionals operating out of the US and Europe. We have successfully executed events in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Additionally, Markets Group was recently named one of America’s 500 fastest-growing private companies by Inc. Magazine and distinguished us as the #1 conference organizer and #1 financial services firm based in NYC.

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