Omnia CEO discusses stock market volatility with the Wall Street Journal

Omnia Family Wealth CEO Steven Wagner commented in a recent Wall Street Journal article exploring activity in the domestic investment markets that may suggest an end to the eight-year bull market, and the post-election stock surge. While it is still too early for definitive action, recent warning signs are beginning to give investors cause for concern.

Declines in the stock market to date have been volatile but short lived. Recent sell-offs combined with global political and social unrest have added to investors’ worries. Many investors are concerned at high prices and are selling in favor of other, more reasonably priced investments.

From the article: ““The U.S. has been priced for perfection,” said Steven Wagner, chief executive of Aventura, Fla., advisory firm Omnia Family Wealth that has moved more of its clients into European stocks from those in the U.S. over the past year. “People are starting to get uncertain and rethink” U.S. stock valuations, he added.”

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