Family Office Club Conference Features Omnia CEO Steven Wagner

unnamedOmnia CEO Steven Wagner was recently part of a panel discussion at the fourth annual Family Office Super Summit in Miami, Florida on December 6, 2017. The summit featured 60 family office speakers and more than 1,000 attendees.

Wagner spoke in the section titled “Investing in Society: Family Office Philanthropy and How Impact Investing is Changing the Equation.” The discussion touched on several topics surrounding family offices and philanthropy, including:

  • Does it hurt or help when someone is labeled an impact investment?
  • How often do you see philanthropic efforts being ran through the family office itself?
  • How involved do large wealth management firms and multifamily offices get in philanthropy and charitable giving planning for their clients?
  • What new trends do you see emerging in philanthropy right now that are just emerging or affecting clients?

“Philanthropy is an important component of the work we do with our clients, so it was a privilege to share the collective knowledge our team has acquired with the group at the Family Office Club Summit,” comments Wagner.

About the Family Office Club
The Family Office Club is the largest family office association in the industry and the premier family office conference provider.  Since 2007, our organization has been helping form family offices, fostering a valuable peer network, hosting the industry’s best events, and serving as an educational resource to members of the family office community.  Members of the Family Office Club enjoy quarterly family office conferences, exclusive investor data solutions, and family office training resources for you and your team.

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