Citywire: Omnia Family Wealth Is More Than Just a Business

Citywire’s Registered Investment Advisor magazine recently featured Omnia Family Wealth as the cover story for their October 2018 issue. In the article, Citywire explains the founding of the firm and how its close-knit team is working hard to deliver for their network of ultra-high-net-worth clients.

Omnia Family Wealth all began in 2015 after Co-Founders Steven Wagner, Michael Wagner, and Ivan Hernandez left Merrill Lynch to launch their own independent RIA firm. Since its development, the two Wagners and Hernandez have worked hard to build a firm that embodies their personalities and sense of camaraderie.

Luckily, making the leap from their former positions at a large firm has granted them the opportunity to get closer to their clients and their clients’ needs. As Steven puts it, “We all understand that larger institutions mean more bureaucracy and less ability to navigate the intricacies of some of our families. We wanted to do things that were outside of that box, so to speak.”

But Omnia Family Wealth also has another valuable quality to offer their clients: its top team spans three different generations – enabling them to be fully prepared to handle any and all challenges. This is a crucial part of the firm, since each of Omnia Family Wealth’s clients possess a unique set of needs, typically involving philanthropy and succession planning.

“Between myself, Ivan and Michael, we actually cover three generations. Baby boomer, Gen X and millennial,” Steven explains. “The families we work with really appreciate that because quite frankly different generations communicate differently – they look at people differently. Millennials don’t want to talk to me. They want to talk to Michael.”

Today, Omnia Family Wealth manages $1.7 billion in assets for 50 ultra-high-net-worth clients – proving that all of their hard work and dedication to their clients has paid off.

Read the entire story about Omnia Family Wealth in Citywire’s Registered Investment Advisor magazine here.

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