Citywire: Life Lessons Passed Down from Steven to Michael Wagner

Citywire: Life Lessons Passed Down from Steven to Michael Wagner

Citywire Reporter Hayley Hanafee recently talked to Omnia Family Wealth Managing Director Michael Wagner for an article. Their discussion covered a rather heartwarming topic: how Michael’s father, Omnia Family Wealth CEO Steven Wagner, taught him to tackle life’s little and big problems.

According to Michael, Steven has not only been his business partner for more than a decade, but also his mentor for as long as he can remember. “There are countless examples of how he has helped me in my life and career,” says Michael. “…While he always encouraged his children to pursue their individual passions, it was my father’s forty years of dedication and passion for the financial services industry that inspired me to choose this path.”

Some specific lessons Michael explains he learned from his father throughout his life include: “Never burn bridges, as the world is too small; People ultimately work with you because they like you, trust you, and think you’re smart; You don’t have to be all things to all people; Stick to what you know well.”

Michael is thankful for both the knowledge and the values Steven has taught him, which enabled him to grow with the family business.

“I started in the summer of 2006 and was quickly faced with what will hopefully be the greatest financial crisis of my lifetime,” expresses Michael. “I was incredibly lucky to face that alongside my greatest teacher, my father”

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