Alon Ozer Discusses The Yield Curve Inversion in Dow Jones NewsPlus Newswire

Many experts frequently argue about the current state of the U.S. economy, its future, and how investors should react. While many factors often cause investors to form conflicting opinions, there is one factor that typically helps paint a pretty clear picture: an inversion of the yield curve. To gain more insights on this topic, a reporter from The Wall Street Journal recently spoke with Omnia Family Wealth Chief Investment Officer Alon Ozer.

In this article, which appeared in the Dow Jones NewsPlus Newswire in late March, Ozer says that even though equity markets and bond markets may be sending mixed messages about the economy, the yield curve inversion makes it very clear to investors that they should consider reducing higher risk investments from their portfolios. 

“No bull market ever started from an inverted yield curve,” Ozer states.

Historically speaking, the ten-year Treasury yield falling below the three-month yield has preceded the majority of recessions. As a result, it is important to note that the day the article was released (March 27, 2019) marked the fourth straight session that both the three-month and ten-year yield curves had been inverted.

Subscribers to the Dow Jones NewsPlus Newswire can read the entire article here. Also, for further reading on the implications of a yield curve inversion, read Ozer’s recent Omnia Observations commentary on the topic. 


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