Alon Ozer Discusses the Importance of Clean Energy on Podcast

As a multi-family office, Omnia Family Wealth is driven by the needs of the families we serve, and we currently see a tremendous opportunity that not only serves our client families, but serves our nation as a whole – specifically by investing in future clean energy technologies.

In his recent commentary, We Just Can’t Let This Crisis Go to Waste: Clean Energy Must Be a National Priority, Omnia Family Wealth Chief Investment Officer Alon Ozer explains the importance of investing in clean energy and why the current COVID-19 crisis is the ideal time to channel our nation’s strengths and abilities to address it.

Now, Ozer expands on the importance of clean energy by sharing insight into potential strategies moving forward during his conversation with Founder Dawn Van Zant on a recent episode of the Cleantech and Climate Change Podcast. During this podcast episode, Ozer specifically explains:

  • Omnia’s vision and plan for building a more sustainable future
  • Ways the government and private money can realistically work hand-in-hand for sustainability
  • Where the firm gathers their insight and research for investing in clean energy
  • How much of Omnia’s overall investment strategy is dedicated to clean energy
  • The role sustainable investing will play in the firm’s future

Click here to listen to the entire Cleantech and Climate Change Podcast featuring Omnia’s Alon Ozer.

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