Alon Ozer Discusses COVID-19’s Impact on Emerging Markets with ETF Report

COVID-19 is not solely impacting the U.S. It is also hitting emerging market countries around the world. However, the virus is not affecting all emerging markets with the same degree of severity. To learn more about  COVID-19’s differentiating impacts on emerging markets, ETF Report recently spoke with Omnia Family Wealth Chief Investment Officer Alon Ozer.

According to Ozer, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore are examples of emerging markets that are poised to make a better recovery than most other emerging markets, largely because of how they controlled the pandemic. “These smaller countries in emerging markets know what the cost would be of having so many patients,” Ozer explains. “So, they have to really be on top of the situation, as it’s much easier and cheaper to prevent it than actually dealing with it.”

Other countries that Ozer believes will likely perform well as the world continues to deal with the pandemic are those with a technology sector and a strong healthcare and biotechnology industry. “At this point, the smart thing to do would be to focus on certain sectors,” he says.

However, as certain Asian countries successfully move towards recovery, Latin American markets continue to struggle. For example, the outbreak in Brazil, an emerging market previously known for its robust health system, “was a case of total failure of leadership,” Ozer tells the publication.

To read the entire ETF Report article featuring Omnia Family Wealth’s Alon Ozer, click here. This article also appears ETF Report’s October 2020 issue.

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