Alon Ozer Discusses How to Build Stable Retirement Portfolios with U.S. News & World Report

The Federal Reserve signaling that interest rates will remain low for the foreseeable future has left many investors wondering if the classic retirement portfolio mix of low-risk, fixed-income investments will provide enough income and returns to keep up with inflation.

U.S. News & World Report recently spoke with Omnia Family Wealth Chief Investment Officer Alon Ozer for insight on how retirees can restructure their portfolios to adapt to our current environment.

According to Ozer, building a safe, stable retirement portfolio in the current market environment is no easy task, especially for retirees who manage their investments themselves instead of partnering with an advisor. “They have two options right now, which is basically to take on additional risks or compromise and get a lower return,” he says.

While Ozer tells the publication that self-directed investors can utilize a mix of equities and corporate bonds to boost yields, he advises them to avoid some of the new investing strategies, including liquid alternatives that often replicate the alternative strategies popular with institutional clients such as hedge funds, citing concerns about performance.

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