Michael Wagner Discusses Miami’s New Era of Investment Opportunity with Ocean Drive Magazine

Miami is an evolving city. Once possessing the long-standing reputation as “a place where vice reigns,” this sunny metropolis is now a global hub for innovation, finance and investment. To learn more about Miami’s evolution into an area of vast investment opportunities, Ocean Drive Magazine recently spoke with Omnia Family Wealth Co-Founder and Managing Director Michael Wagner.

According to Wagner, the reason why Miami is now such a hot spot for investors is a rather simple one: it is one of the largest U.S. financial districts outside of New York City. Wagner attributes this growth to the city’s robust real estate development, great healthcare, hospitality and financial services – specifically financial services due to the people that it brings with it.

“Our landscape, tax incentives and culture are very competitive with New York, and are luring investors to our city in droves,” explains Wagner. “I anticipate many more wealthy families will call Miami home in the coming years.”

As a result, Wagner has some crucial and timely investment advice to give Miamians: “Start now. The worst thing an investor can do is delay, especially younger investors,” says Wagner. “Be wary of fads and trends like crypto and marijuana. Not to say that these are bad investment ideas and you can’t make money on them, because you absolutely can, but they are designed to entice one’s need for greed. When you are hanging out in Soho House and your friend is talking about an investment that is crushing it, keep in mind that the same person probably investing in things that are not successful too.”

Read the full Ocean Drive Magazine interview here.

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