Impact Investing Part 1: What Is Impact Investing and Why Should Investors Care?

For the premiere episode of our new multi-part video series about our approach to impact investing, Omnia Family Wealth Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Michael Wagner is joined by J-Ventures Group Co-Founder Eran Sandhaus, an experienced impact investor who is known to envision the future and then create it. During their conversation, Wagner and Sandhaus explain why investors should be thinking about incorporating impact investing into their portfolios.

Wagner and Sandhaus specifically discuss:

  • The similarities and differences between impact investing and philanthropy
  • The opportunities within impact investing and their potential levels of risk and return
  • Specific sectors that have the most opportunities for impact investors
  • How investors can measure the impact of their investments
  • How to determine whether an investment is truly an impact investment

During the video, Wagner and Sandhaus emphasize that through impact investing, investors can not only have the potential to achieve attractive returns but can also manage risk, capture opportunities and drive paradigm shifts.

If you have any questions regarding impact investing, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are available via email or phone at (305) 602-9080.


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When an investment process considers environmental, social and governance factors, the advisor may choose to avoid investments that might otherwise be considered, or sell investments due to changes in ESG risk factors as part of the overall investment decision process. The use of environmental, social and governance factors may impact investment exposure to issuers, industries, sectors, and countries, potentially resulting in higher or lower returns than a similar investment strategy without such screens.

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