Family Focus
At Omnia, we believe that family isn’t just an important thing, it’s everything. We know our clients feel this way too. Our approach to wealth structuring and investment management is sensitive to the intellectual and emotional aspects of managing wealth for your benefit and that of your loved ones.

Depth of Relationships
Our business is about trusted relationships, not just the mechanics of money management. We pride ourselves on developing extended relationships with members of your family. We know that a key part of managing your wealth is to ensure that your values, as well as your money, are passed on to your children. We work hard to become a trusted confidante so that we can allay your concerns and help ensure the realization of your dreams, hopes and goals for the future.

Long-Term Perspective
Our entire approach is rooted in the concept of wealth preservation and growing wealth for the future. From wealth transference and succession planning to creation of your philanthropic legacy, we understand that our clients have a vision for their wealth that goes beyond just the desire for high relative returns on their investments.

We understand that a long-term perspective is necessarily multigenerational; therefore, we extend our relationships to your entire family, which in turn becomes our family. At the same time, Omnia co-founders Steven Wagner, his son Michael Wagner, and Ivan Hernandez, assure the continuity of our business through the next generation.

Deep and Diverse Capabilities
With decades of experience both in wealth management and as a firm, Omnia professionals offer a unique combination of education, experience and skill. Clients benefit from an integrated approach that leverages the deep capabilities and extensive knowledge of each Omnia professional in such areas as finance, capital markets and investing. As a Multi-Family Office, we reach out to the different generations within each client family so that we genuinely understand the perspectives that influence your decision-making.

Direct access to the industry’s full complement of financial products and services enables us to offer our clients opportunities in all the world’s major capital markets, and from the leading financial, advisory and professional services firms. At Omnia Family Wealth, our clients are “clients of Wall Street,” able to tap into unlimited opportunities from wherever and from whatever firm they are sourced.

Objective Advice
Because we are independent advisors, our recommendations are objective, transparent and free from outside influence. As fiduciaries, we hold our clients’ interests first and foremost above everything else we do. The philosophy we embrace in designing our clients’ financial plans is no different from that which we apply to our own.



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