Ours is a goal-driven investment strategy. Because our clients seek to achieve certain outcomes – to fund current lifestyle, pursue a philanthropic initiative, launch an entrepreneurial venture, for instance – our investment philosophy balances asset allocation, tax efficiency and cost effectiveness with goal-driven investing.

In this context, we help you manage your portfolio within a band of volatility that is aligned with your tolerance for risk and your experience as an investor. Our emphasis is on risk budgeting and managing for risk, not on short-term portfolio performance.

On an ongoing basis, we identify asset classes, sectors and individual investments in order to understand where volatility is coming from, and where it could come from, in order to mitigate risk. We also consider how all your assets are correlated; even assets outside your portfolio and investments separate from those we help manage with you. We complement portfolio management with the intelligent structuring of financial tools in areas such as tax, estate planning and insurance, in order to optimize investment performance.

We also manage money on a discretionary basis to offer clients peace of mind and freedom from high stakes decision-making, while managing portfolios with heightened agility to respond to market changes, volatility and global events.