• CityWire: Omnia Family Wealth Is More Than Just a Business

    CityWire’s Registered Investment Advisor magazine recently featured Omnia Family Wealth as the cover story for their October 2018 issue. In the article, CityWire explains the founding of the firm and how its close-knit team is working hard to deliver for their network of ultra-high-net-worth clients. Omnia Family Wealth all began in 2015 after Co-Founders Steven […]

  • Ivan Hernandez Discusses the Third Generation Curse with MarketCurrents

    One of the biggest dilemmas that affluent families face is the so-called third generation curse, which states that the majority of families will lose both their wealth and their business by the time it reaches the third generation. However, despite less than 10 percent of family businesses surviving past the third generation, very few families […]

  • Omnia CIO Discusses the Deteriorating Covenant Phenomenon

    Recently a colleague called me to ask about Delaware’s new amendment allowing limited liability companies (LLCs) to split to one or more additional LLCs and move assets and liabilities between the old and new entities. He asked if this change could affect portfolios invested in bank and other leveraged high-yield loans. The short answer is […]

  • Channel 6 News: Omnia Family Wealth Discusses Sudden Wealth Syndrome

    Omnia Family Wealth Co-Founder and Managing Director Michael Wagner was recently interviewed by newscaster Ari Odzer for a two-part segment on Channel 6 News about the best, and worst, ways individuals who experience a sudden increase in wealth can manage their money. The interview took place just hours before the most recent winning Mega Millions numbers […]

  • Ivan Hernandez on a Strategic Approach to Retirement in U.S. News & World Report

    U.S. News & World Report recently interviewed Ivan Hernandez, co-founder and managing director at Omnia Family Wealth, on one of the most critical and often most uncomfortable financial transitions an investor experiences: the move from saving and investing for retirement to spending down what has been saved. It Doesn’t Happen Over Night Hernandez begins with […]

  • The US-China Trade War

    How Did We Get Here and What’s at Stake? The US-China “trade war” has attracted a significant amount of attention among investors for the last couple of months with a staggering amount of information published on the topic. The relationship between the US and China is obviously very complicated, so for the purposes of this […]

  • Yahoo Finance: Omnia Family Wealth Announces New Chief Investment Officer

    Yahoo Finance recently reported on the hire of Omnia Family Wealth’s New Chief Investment Officer Alon Ozer. “Alon Ozer draws from his extensive experience across a broad spectrum of asset classes and market environments,” reads the article in Yahoo Finance. “Prior to his role at Omnia, he served as the Chief Investment Officer of the […]

  • Sun Sentinel: Omnia Hires New Chief Investment Officer Alon Ozer

    The Sun Sentinel featured Omnia Family Wealth’s recent hiring of Chief Investment Officer Alon Ozer. “Alon Ozer, with more than 20 years investment experience, will enhance the investment experience for families seeking multi-generational wealth guidance,” writes the Sun Sentinel. Prior to his role at Omnia, Ozer served as the Chief Investment Officer of the Foundation […]

  • South Florida Business Journal Announces Omnia’s New Chief Investment Officer

    The South Florida Business Journal recently announced the hire of Omnia’s new Chief Investment Officer, Alon Ozer. “The multi-family office, based in Aventura, Florida opened its doors less than three years ago and has already grown its assets under advisement to nearly $1.7 billion,” the South Florida Business Journal reported. “The firm brings on Ozer […]

  • Omnia Family Wealth Announces New Chief Investment Officer

    Alon Ozer brings his 20+ years of global investment experience to the team. July 19, 2018- Omnia Family Wealth, based in Aventura, Florida opened its doors less than three years ago and has already grown its assets under advisement to nearly $1.7 billion. This multi-generational wealth advisory firm was co-founded by Steven Wagner, Michael Wagner […]

  • Omnia Featured in WealthManagement.com: Family Business Succession Planning Is Never Easy

    One of the most common obstacles that family businesses face is multigenerational succession planning. Navigating ownership succession, while taking into account differences among heirs, can present a wide range of challenges. Ivan Hernandez, managing director at Omnia Family Wealth, recently wrote an article for WealthManagement.com that discusses strategies to overcome these challenges and ensure a smooth […]

  • Ivan Hernandez Discusses Succession Planning at Private Wealth Management Summit

    Ivan Hernandez, co-founder and managing director at Omnia Family Wealth, will be a featured speaker at the Private Wealth Management Summit in Palm Beach, Florida in early June. In his presentation, Hernandez will discuss the complex topic of succession planning while navigating sibling differences. Succession planning is never easy. Throw in a multi-generational family business […]

  • Tales from the Crypto: Omnia Co-Founder Michael Wagner Speaks to PAM About Clients and Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have captured the attention of many investors. Omnia Family Wealth Co-Founder Michael Wagner recently spoke to Private Asset Management (PAM) and offered insight for those looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. He also shared advice for other advisors whose clients are also getting curious about this volatile, unregulated and often difficult-to-understand asset. […]

  • Omnia Family Wealth CEO Steven Wagner Named Among Barron’s Top Advisors

    Omnia Family Wealth CEO Steven Wagner was recently named on the list of Barron’s Top Financial Advisors in Florida. The list includes the top advisors in each state and includes a cross-section of private-wealth advisors—from independent advisors who own and operate their own practices to advisors from the large Wall Street firms. The rankings are […]